[2023 NEWS] Four groups of central enterprises have intensively implemented professional integration

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A signing ceremony was held in Beijing between China Three Gorges Corporation an...

A signing ceremony was held in Beijing between China Three Gorges Corporation and CCCC for an integrated project specializing in water conservation and power construction resources. After negotiations and agreements, China Three Gorges Corporation will transfer its subsidiary, China Water Conservancy and Electric Power International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Hydroelectric Power Plant") has been transferred to CCCC. "Securities Daily" reporter found that after SASAC held a centralized signing ceremony for the new project of intelligent energy cooperation and central enterprise services on January 6, the four groups of central enterprises were professionally integrated within 9 days.

[2023 NEWS] Four groups of central enterprises have intensively implemented professional integration

Weng Jieming, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the State Property Supervision and Administration Commission, said that the complete transfer of China Hydroelectric Power Corporation by China Three Gorges Corporation and China Telecom Corporation was a concrete and new experience and a successful investigation. Professional consolidation of central enterprises. In the next period, integration and integration can be achieved with more effort and methods to realize good synergies. To strengthen complementary advantages, form a development pattern of division of labor, cooperation, industrial support, mutual benefit and win-win in clean energy development and engineering construction, and gain comparative advantages in technology, talents, management, etc. Increase new technologies, new products. The joint development of new markets creates a "new model" of professional integration and cooperation in the new era.

Since the beginning of this year, several new models and methods for professional consolidation of central companies have emerged. For example, on January 6 this year, a centralized event was held by the National Asset Control and Management Commission for the signing of the Central Enterprise Intelligent Cooperation Project on the Use and Maintenance of Energy Services. Solar power participated in the signing. electricity and wind projects. The beginning of this cooperation is also to transform the central enterprise's new energy integration from individual coordination to general promotion, new energy management from decentralized to lean, and new energy operation from stand-alone to win-win. . Cooperation and assimilation of new energies, from massive expansion to specialization and consolidation.

Also this year, major progress has been made in special integration projects of central enterprises in the fields of biomass energy production and medical resources. On January 10, State Grid and State Electricity Investment Corporation completed a professional integration of biomass power generation projects. On the same day, PowerChina and General Technology Group signed a project to integrate professional medical resources.

"Nowadays, the reorganization and consolidation of state-owned enterprises is increasingly turning into professional consolidation." Li Qiyuo, strategic analyst and head of CICC's research department, told Securities Daily reporters that professional integration is more focused on combining the similarities of different central corporate groups. The company's main competition. In addition, the report of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly states that "accelerating the construction of world-class enterprises", and that the professional integration of central enterprises will not only help the technological achievements of key fields, but also contribute to technological development. development. It helps Chinese enterprises increase their competitiveness.

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