[antiracistposter 2023] Accelerated pick-up in the tourism industry

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As the Lunar New Year approaches, travel agencies, airlines, and hotels are incr...

As the Lunar New Year approaches, travel agencies, airlines, and hotels are increasingly busy to welcome the peak of the Lunar New Year.

[antiracistposter 2023] Accelerated pick-up in the tourism industry

"Hard to find" has become increasingly common. Hainan Kantai Tourism Co., Ltd. Department Head Huang Qiyue told Securities Daily that booking and passenger traffic have increased significantly since the travel policy reform. 70-80% of pre-2019 levels. Lang Haichao, manager of Harbin Lazy Travel Agency Co., Ltd., told reporters that the tourism market in Northeast China peaked this year at the beginning of the new year. The number of tourists we received has increased by 50%. , The number of tourists in Xuexiang Scenic Area reached nearly 10,000 on New Year's Day."

At the same time, the tourism industry faces great challenges in terms of the talent pool.

Lang Haichao told reporters: "There is currently a labor shortage in tourism in the Xuexian region. We have lost many guides and drivers in recent years." Li Bin, an industry expert with 16 years of experience in the tourism industry, told Securities Daily that in the past three years, the tourism market has been sluggish, some colleagues have changed careers, and staff shortages are inevitable.

"The matter is very serious." Zhang Jiang, human resources director of BTG Home Inns' travel department, told Securities Daily that the Spring Festival will be a peak season for local workers each year. Leaving home and returning home.. Housework is lacking.. This year the task is particularly serious. In response to the current crisis, BTG Home Inns has adopted a number of methods to address the problem. On the one hand, the recruitment channels are fully expanded, and on the other hand, the full advantage of chain hotels is used to supplement talent.

Travel agencies are also facing a talent shortage. Zhongxin Tourism said that although there are actually some personnel reforms, there are still some key staff who can mainly meet the market demand for personnel in the early stage of recovery.

In relation to the tourism industry, the issue of talent development period is also noteworthy. For example, Li Bin said that developing a professional tour seller is not an easy task and requires a deep understanding of the product and familiarity with running routes, flights and ground reception.

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