[antiracistposter 2023] National GDP growth rate may be higher than 5.5%

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The reporter said that by January 15, 28 provinces (autonomous regions and munic...

The reporter said that by January 15, 28 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), including Guangdong and Hainan, had held two consecutive provincial meetings, and that the average GDP growth target for 28 provinces in 2023 was 6.0%. .

[antiracistposter 2023] National GDP growth rate may be higher than 5.5%

To see growth rates in different regions of the country, a reporter from "Seoul Daily" interviewed seven senior economists. They generally believe that in 2023 there will be a much clearer, more comprehensive and positive improvement in our country's economy, with a GDP growth rate of more than 5%. With the support of various policies, the Korean economy has become more dependent on domestic demand, promoting consumption and stabilizing capital.

The GDP growth target for Hainan, Chongqing and other regions in 2023 is higher compared to 2022. Among them, Hainan's GDP target was 9.5%, ranking first. Tibet ranks second with 8%, tied with Jiangxi and Xinjiang. 3rd with 7%.

“Some provinces have raised their GDP growth targets, indicating that current economic operations are maintaining a trend of recovery and stability. All departments and regions are using window periods, opportunity periods and sprint periods. Progress is stable. In an interview with Pang Securities Daily, Johns Lang LaSalle Greater China's Chief Economist and Head of Research Department, Ming.

Among the 28 provinces mentioned earlier, Tianjin and Hebei have lowered their GDP growth targets.

In this regard, Zhao Wei, chief economist at Sinolink Securities, analyzed that although most provinces have lowered their 2023 GDP targets, they are not pessimistic about this year's economic growth rate.

Looking ahead to GDP growth in 2023, Zhao Wei said past experience has shown that Shanghai and Beijing's GDP growth targets are relatively close to national targets, with a high probability of an immediate target of 5.5. %.

Chen Li, an economist and research director at Chuancai Securities, said that GDP growth in 2023 could be around 6%, which will be affected by the low base effect in the second quarter, boosting the growth rate. Pretty.

Zhong Zhengsheng, chief economist at Ping An Securities, analyzed that the risk of an external recession in 2023 will gradually increase, inflation may accelerate the decline, and the Fed may switch from raising interest rates to cutting them. China's real GDP annual growth rate is expected to reach more than 5% in 2023.

Mingming, Chief Economist of CITIC Securities, also said that "sustainable growth" will be more prominent in all regions and focus on economic construction, which will strongly support the stabilization and revitalization of the national economy. The Korean economy is expected to improve with a GDP growth rate of more than 5% in 2023.

"In 2023, the country's GDP growth rate is expected to recover to 5%." Yang Delong, chief economist of the Qianhai Open Fund, said continued optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures would boost China's consumption and production activities. Return to normal and economic growth increases quarter by quarter. , your self-confidence will increase.

Paying attention to stabilizing the economy, promoting development, and strengthening confidence in the next step, Pang Ming believes that the key to economic recovery in 2023 is still effective full expansion of social demand, especially active expansion of domestic demand. The next phase of economic activity is expected to be supported by the main role of consumption and the main role of investment, stabilizing market players' confidence and expectations in the housing sector.

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