[antiracistposter 2023] Take multiple measures to support the recovery of market players

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Two recent local meetings continued, and 'increased confidence' has beco...

Two recent local meetings continued, and 'increased confidence' has become one of the hot topics these days as we rush to resume production locally. More stringent measures should be taken to provide more support to market participants and achieve better development.

[antiracistposter 2023] Take multiple measures to support the recovery of market players

Since the beginning of the year, many places have introduced a series of policies to stabilize the economy, focusing on the business environment. Although there is a strong sense of recovery and support for industrial development to expand domestic demand, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises still faces many challenges to be resolved. To progress, you must start by gaining confidence. In-depth implementation of various support policies and optimize the business environment. And helps organizations develop with confidence.

In the government work report, many people mentioned the main task of supporting enterprise development this year. For example, the Beijing Municipal Work Report proposed deepening reform and opening up. Increase market confidence. The Gansu Provincial Government Business Report proposes to formulate support policies for key industries. Promote the comprehensive resumption of work, production, business and markets. Promote the prosperity and development of the trade economy. The Shanghai Municipal Work Report has made it clear that a policy to support entrepreneurs on bail will be implemented. And we will do a lot to clear the fee and reduce the burden.

The authors believe that these formulas provide sufficient confidence in the organization's progress. And the next step is to pay close attention to implementation and work for results.

On the one hand, reducing taxes and fees is the most direct and effective measure to help businesses solve their problems. You must use realistic and accurate policies. Increase efficiency immediately and continue your expired tax and fee reduction policies. Facilitate direct access to policies to create a high-quality tax work environment Reduce tax processing costs so that businesses can enjoy preferential policies.

As of 2022, our country has implemented 34 new consolidated tax and fee support policies. Many of these policies are deferred, ongoing and intermittent. Some measures have expired and need to be updated and continued. For example, measures such as VAT exemption public TAXPAYER INCOME FROM TRANSPORTATION SERVICES REDUCING VEHICLE TAXES ON SOME VEHICLES, while continuing to increase efforts to address illicit costs associated with organizations. Costs and fines are strictly controlled to effectively reduce the burden on the organization. continue to stimulate

On the other hand, corporate development is inextricably linked with capital management. And a number of steps must be taken to address the difficult and costly financing challenges of private companies. In particular, by breaking the bottleneck, which is a constraint for SMEs, the survival and development of SMEs

With the continuous optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures and the gradual progress of business activities, back to normal, the capital requirements of SMEs will continue to increase. It is necessary to expand financial support for SMEs, such as improving the guarantee system for SMEs. Get loans faster, as well as individual industrial and commercial households. At the same time, we create specialized financial products to meet the flexible financing needs of businesses. Above all, it is necessary to strengthen the service capacity of the capital market and support SMEs to improve the quality and efficiency of financing.

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